Understanding Higenamine (Norcoclaurine)


If you’re goal is to burn fat, whether it be a whole bunch of fat or just that last bit of stubborn belly fat, you should at least be aware of which supplements can help.  Higenamine, also known as Norcoclaurine, has quickly become one of the most popular single-ingredient fat-burning supplements out there, and for good reason…

It works!  Seriously.

When used correctly, Higenamine is capable of directly stimulating the break-down of fat–a process known as Lipolysis–and increasing the amont of fat you burn during exericise.

How Does Higenamine Work?

Higenamine is what’s known as a beta-2-agonist, a shorter/easier way of saying beta-adrenergic receptor agonist with an affinity for subset 2.

Confused?  Don’t be.  All that means is that Higenamine activates the receptors which “turn on” Lipolysis (the breakdown of fat).  This is the same exact mechanism as Ephedrine, the once insanely popular weight-loss supplement which was eventually banned by the FDA in the US due to concerns about how long-term use may impact health.

Looking back, Ephedrine actually wasn’t that bad, but in individuals with underlying health conditions it proved to be dangerous, so the FDA took it off the market and hasn’t questioned the decision since.

For a few years, a lot of former Ephedrine users started getting a little chubby, but then a couple new Ephedrine alternatives were sort of re-discovered and introduced  to the supplement industry.

One of those alternatives is Higenamine, which remains perfectly legal to date because, while it isn’t quite as potent as Ephedrine, it is certainly much safer.  Ultimately, the risk/reward trade-off with Higenamine is probably a better deal…

A recent (2015) study, published in Human and Experimental Toxicology, found that Higenamine was actually tolerated quite well by 48 healthy men when used for a period of eight weeks.

Researchers measured several variables including: resting respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, urinalysis, complete blood count, metabolic panel, liver enzyme activity, and lipid panel and found that oral Higenamine supplementation caused no major impact on any of the variables.

This study did not measure fat-loss from Higenamine.  The purpose of the study was simply to establish a safety profile for Higenamine and it did exactly that.  According to the study results, Higenamine is perfectly safe when used daily for up to 8 weeks.

Of course, it would be nice if further studies were conducted, hopefully with larger sample sizes, but these results are simply indicate what millions of people have already found out through supplementation…Higenamine is safe.

How To Use Higenamine For Maximum Fat-Loss

Like any beta-receptor agonist, Higenamine is most effective when consumed on an empty stomach, just before exercise.  The reason for the empty stomach is  simply because, as a stimulant, Higenamine will be more quickly absorbed and felt if used on an empty stomach.  There’s actually no studies which indicate it’s ineffective when taken with food, but logic suggests that it’s best on an empty stomach.  That’s all…

The reason it should be taken before exercise is pretty simply, but requires more of an explanation.  You see, beta-receptors control the first part of the fat-loss equation, Lipolysis, but not the whole thing.  Lipolysis is simply the break-down of Triglycerides (stored fat) into fatty acids (and glycerol) which can must then be burned.

In other words, you must actually burn the fat once it’s broken down.  That’s why Higenamine should be used in conjunction with exercise, not just as a weight-loss supplement.  There is no magically pill that will make you burn fat around the clock, but you don’t need to burn fat around the clock if you maximize fat-loss during exercise (and exercise regularly).


A clinical range for Higenamine has yet to be established, but common doses range from 25-75mg at a time, taken just before exercise on an empty stomach.  That’s why Singular Sport Higenamine comes in 25mg doses with 90 capsules per bottle.  This flexible dosing makes it easy to find your ideal dose without over-doing it.


Yes, Higenamine is legal in the US, Canada, UK, and just about every other country in the world as well.  It is banned by WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency under the beta-2-agonist subsection of the What’s Banned section on their site.  So, if you compete in a sport at a high enough level where WADA actually matters, by all means, don’t use Higenamine.

It definitely works, but it’s not worth getting tossed out of your competition or whatever it is, so just be careful…

If you’re just a regular person who wants to shed some body fat, you don’t need to concern yourself with WADA’s opinion and you’re good to go!  Use all the Higenamine you want.  Nobody’s going to stop you!

What About Extracts Like Nelumbo Nucifera?

Here’s the problem with virtually ALL plant extracts.  Most of them are not well standardized!  That means the actual amount of active ingredient is often much different than what the label claims.  After all, it’s not very easy to scientifically determine the chemical makeup of a plant.

It may differ by plant, but often there are hundreds or even thousands of related or un-related chemicals present.  These extracts are no different.

Many Nelumbo Nucifera supplements claim they’re standardized for “atleast 3% Higenamine”.  So what’s the other 97%?  Who knows!

Would you rather use a supplement that you know for a fact is pure and contains EXACTLY what the label claims, or do you like to roll the dice.  To be clear, even if you like to roll the dice, doing so with supplements that contain stimulants is tantamount to gambling with your life…So we’d stick with the first option:

A purified, tested, guaranteed Higenamine supplement, containing only Higenamine HCl.

Singular Sport Higenamine



Singular Sport Higenamine is truly the only single ingredient Higenamine supplement you can trust.  Not because we say “trust us!” but because we actually PROVE, through third party testing, that it contains only pure Higenamine HCl and nothing else.  Don’t you wish every supplement company was this transparent?  Keep dreaming…

In the meantime, we’ll continue to produce unique, effective supplements which are subject to the highest level of scientific scrutiny, Third Party Testing…

Stacking For Optimal Results

Higenamine is certainly capable of inducing some notable fat-loss on its own, but the impact can be substantially greater when you stack it with complimentary supplements such as Rauwolscine.  In fact, the combination of Rauwolscine and Higenamine is possibly the single best fat-burning duo that exists in the supplement world.

You see, Rauwolscine is an alpha-receptor antagonist, meaning it blocks the receptors that ordinary put a stop to Lipolysis.  The result?  A significant increase in your bodys ability to burn fat during your workouts.

Higenamine, as you may recall from above, is a beta-receptor agonist.  In other words, Higenamine and Rauwolscine are both capable of inducing fat-loss in a shorter amount of time, but since the mechanisms by which they burn fat are essentially the inverse of each other, it makes the most sense to just stack them.

This way your placing your body in fat-burning mode.  Alpha receptors off, beta-receptors on!


Alpha receptors off + Beta-receptors on = serious fat-loss!

Isn’t fat-loss supplementation a lot easier when you just follow the science?  Yes, yes it is…

Do you have anything to share about Higenamine or fat-loss in general?  Comment below!