The Pre-Burner Stack Explained

Pre-Burner Stack

Earlier this year, we released The Fat-Torcher Stack, which consists of Formula 56 and Singular Sport Rauwolscine.  This particular stack has outsold all of our other stacks combined and the feedback has been incredible.

The question we get the most when it comes to the Fat Torcher Stack is:

“Why not just add Rauwolscine to Formula 56?”

Ultimately, it’s a matter of dosing.  Rauwolscine is a very unique stimulant–much differenet than something like Caffeine–in that the right dose varies widely from person to person.  Some people respond to as little as .5mg (thats right. half of 1mg), most people are in the 1-3mg range, and some people can tolerate up to 5mg.

When it comes to Rauwolscine, the ideal dose is the amount you can feel, but that isn’t too overwhelming for you to actually work out.  Remember, Rauwolscine allows you to burn more fat during your workout than would otherwise normally be possible, so working out on it is key.  If you take too much, you’ll surely regret it, but of course you want to maximize the effects.

So experimentation is key.  Always start with 1mg or so and work your way up.  We really don’t recommend exceeding 3mg at once.

So to sum it up, we didn’t include Rauwolscine in Formula 56 because it would have made the product hit or miss for everyone.  That’s the problem with almost all fat-burners and pre-workout supplements that contain Rauwolscine.  They either:

  • Under-dose it and people don’t even notice
  • Over-dose it and people can’t even tolerate it

So rather than force you to take a predetermined dose of Rauwolscine without any information on your personal preferences and stimulant sensitivities, we decided to separate the products into two.  This allows maximum flexibility when it comes to dosing so everyone gets to find their sweet spot and stick with it.

That’s the reason why the feedback from our customers about The Fat-Torcher Stack has been overwhelmingly positive.

…And Then It Hit Us!

Clearly the flexible-dosing thing is a good idea, right?  Well, we should offer the same option with Catalyst + Rauwolscine.

Here’s the thing.  The Fat-Torcher Stack is no doubt the most effective stack for increasing the amount of fat you burn during your workout, but there’s nothing that helps you power through workouts quite like our pre-workout, Catalyst.  We combined clinically proven doses of research-backed performance enhancing ingredients with a truly unique energy/focus complex that many of our customers believe to be one of the best.

So, it seems unfair to make people choose between burning fat during their workout and absolutely crushing their workout.  You should be able to do both at the same time…and now you can!  Introducing…

The Pre-Burner Stack

Pre-Burner Stack


You can think of The Pre-Burner Stack as Catalyst with a fat-burning twist.  It’s perfect for anyone who appreciates the enhanced muscular endurance, increased strength, and clean surge of energy and focus that Catalyst has to offer, but also wants to target fat in particular.

Rauwolscine is hands down the most powerful fat-burning ingredient that’s still legal and comes with a remarkably low liklihood of side effects, relative to other fat-burning stimulants.

The Pre-Burner Stack is guaranteed to:

  • Increase Energy And Focus
  • Greater Muscular Endurance And Pumps
  • Increase The Amount Of Fat Your Burn

And if you’re one of those high-stim type people who likes Catalyst but wishes it just had a little more kick to it, Rauwolscine may be just the thing you’re looking for.

As a powerful stimulant, Rauwolscine has been known to interact with Caffeine in such as way that enhances the psychoactive effects more than those of Caffeine alone.  It’s some seriously powerful stuff when used correctly.

How To Use The Pre-Burner STACK

Take one 1 serving (1 scoop) of Catalyst and 1-3 capsules of Rauwolscine at the same time, 15 or so minutes prior to working out.  Everyone likes to take their pre-workouts at different times, but as long as you’ve got all the ingredients in your body before your first set, you’re good to go.

When it comes to Rauwolscine, just be careful.  Some people find that 1mg (1 capsule) is all they need.  Others may use of to 2-3, but if you don’t know your tolerance, it’s best to start with the lowest possible dose.

The Bottom Line On Fat-Loss

Losing weight comes down to energy balance.  That is, calories in vs. calories out.  Hopefully you’ve heard this before and are well aware that the only way to physically lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume.  There are a few ways to do this:

  • Starve Yourself
  • Exercise All Day Everyday
  • Eat Responsibly, Exercise Regularly, And Supplement Smart

I don’t know about you, but that last option seems like the path to success: Eat Responsibly, Exercise Regularly, And Supplement Smart.  It’s also worth mentioning that you can alter your body composition to some degree without necessarily losing weight.

This is called body re-compositioning and it just means cutting fat and the same time you’re building muscle.  It’s certainly one of those things that’s easier said than done, but eating clean, exercising regularly, and taking the right supplements will help you get there.

So many supplement companies tell you that they have the magic formula for fat-loss and that all you have to do is take three of these magic capsules a day and you’ll lose all the weight you want.  Well, unless there’s amphetamine salts in those pills (it’s happened before), that’s BS.

The truth is no supplement is going to magically burn fat.  There are, however, supplements (such as Rauwolscine) which can accelerate your body’s natural abillity to burn fat during exercise…but again, you MUST exercise.  Without exercise, you’re screwed…

If you’ve covered your bases already (clean diet, regular training) and you’re looking for the next thing to give you that edge to further transform your physique, give The Pre-Burner Stack a try.  At Momentum Nutrition, we bring you nothing but the best (or your money back, of course).