Shredded In 30 Days

shredded in 30 days

The idea for Shredded In 30 Days is something that I had been meaning to do for quite some time, but didn’t really have the opportunity until recently. The truth is I stay pretty lean all year round (around 7-8% bodyfat) because at this point in my (applied) research, I’ve unlocked a few keys to fat-loss which I’ve shared openly in the form of articles mostly.  Unfortunately, because I stay pretty lean most of the time, I never have a chance to really show people how effective some of these techniques/tools that I’m talking about can be for getting rid of stubborn fat and ultimately acheiving a lean, shredded physique.

Well, a month or two ago, I got my chance. I got sick with flu-like symptoms which caused me to not go to the gym for a while, eat everything with no regard for quality, and take no supplements (except for my special Amino Beyond/Nyquil mix). The result? My physique suffered immensely. I got bloated and lost all my definition.

So, what did I decide to do? I decided to use this temporary lapse as an opportunity to put the fat-loss techniques and tools I’ve refined/acquired over the years to the test. A 30 day challenge to see to how shredded I could get.

Before I get into the good stuff, I just want to be VERY CLEAR about one thing. This is NOT an advertisement for Momentum Nutrition products. Yes, I used Formula 56 and Rauwolscine (The Fat Torcher Stack) as part of my program to facilitate fat-loss, but supplements alone won’t get you results.  They can help, but cleaning up your diet and changing the way that you exercise to allow for maximum fat-loss is really the key. Supplements are just a useful tool for expediting the process.

There are a lot of people out there who think “supplements are useless”. To be clear, these people are idiots. If you make blanket statements like “supplements are useless”, what that shows is that you have done no research and are probably just mindlessly parroting back what you read in an article that was written by someone who also never did any research.

The truth is that there are supplements are there (ingredients, compuonds, moecules, whatever you want to call them) that can help you acheive your fitness goals. It is true that most supplements are a waste of time and money, but there are some that are some that are research-validated and WILL help you acheive your goals. I’ll discuss what those are and how I used them during my 30 day shred towards the end of this article, but I just wanted to make that all crystal clear…

Supplements can help, but they’re just one peice of the puzzle. Whether your goal is to build muscle or burn fat, it starts with properly evaluating your diet and exercise.

30 days of clean eating, intense workouts, and The Fat Torcher Stack…and some sunlight.

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30 Days To Sliced


I did not place myself in any considerable caloric deficit during this 30 day period.  I cut my total calories by around 5%.  As a result, I’m only about 1.5 pounds less than I was at the beginning.  In other words, this wasn’t weight loss so much as it was body recompositioning.  So let’s start at the top…

Cutting Out The Junk Food And Sugary Drinks

I want to be very clear about this.  I normally eat a pretty healthy diet.  I don’t eat junk food or drink sugary drinks.  What prompted me to do the 30 Day Shred Challenge was the fact that I got pretty sick about a month and a half ago.  That, combined with the allergies I already get when the seasons change here in NY, had me literally in bed for almost two weeks, and feeling extrmeely run down for two more weeks after that.  So, for a total of about a month I hardly worked out and ate whatever I wanted.

When I’m sick, all diet, nutrition, fitness rules go out the window.  You will not catch me in the gym when I have the flu.  You’ll catch me in bed bing watching Netflix, eating Dominos, and drinking Ginger Ale.  That’s great if you put yourself through hell when your sick just to attempt to stay in shape, but I’d rather just supply my body with what it needs, a caloric excess, plenty of sugar, and lots of rest.  If you’re really sick, exercise will only exacerbate things and further compromise your immune system.

So anyway, the point is that although I stay pretty lean most of the time, and hit the gym regularly, I let myself go for about a month straight.  During that time, my daily diet consisted of:

  • Dominos Pizzas
  • Boxes Of Gushers
  • 2 Liters Of Ginger Ale
  • Bags Of Potato Chips
  • Nyquil + Amino Beyond (My Specialty)

In terms of Macronutrient profile, it looked something like this:

Total Calories: 3200/day

  • Carbs: 400 (1600 calories)
  • Protein 200 (800 calories)
  • Fat: 90g (800 calories)

These aren’t precise amounts, but the overall ratio was something along those lines.  When my flu symptoms and allergies had abated, and I began my 30 Day Shred, I restored my diet back to the way I normally eat.  It looked something like this:

Total Calories:  2800/day

  • Carbs: 250g (1000 calories)
  • Protein 300g (1200 calories)
  • Fat: 65g (around 600 calories)

Again, it’s not so much the precise numbers that matter, but the fact that I created a very slight caloric deficit (about 6%), lowered my carbs, upped my protein intake by about 50%, and cut my fat back, but not crazy.

Why I Put Myself In A Caloric Deficit

The honest truth is that it’s just really hard to burn fat without putting yourself in a caloric deficit.  There are a lot of self proclaimed experts out there who will tell you that it’s not possible to cut fat and build muscle at the same time.  The truth is that it IS possible, it’s just REALLY hard.

If you want to cut fat, the best thing to do nutrition-wise is to lower your carb and fat intake, up your protein intake tremendously, and ultimately land yourself in a slight caloric deficit.  I put myself in a 5-6% deficit, but you can put yourself in a 10% caloric intake and still keep muscle.  Any time you suddenly cut your calories more than 10%, you’re going to risk losing muscle.  So if you’re goal is to keep (or build) muscle, you should keep it slight.


If you recall, I wasn’t working out too much while I was sick.  For the first two weeks, when I had flu symptoms, I didn’t go anywhere near the gym.  The following two weeks I went an average of maybe 1 or 2 days a week ( as opposed to my usual 5-6) and definitely wasn’t hitting the weights all that hard.  In fact, my style of working out was a lot like that of the average person I see at the gym.  Slow, never too intense, long rest, you get it…

Well, when it was time to get begin my 30 day shred, I went back to my not-so-famous maximum intensity, non-stop super-set style of lifting.  It works like this:

I workout two muscle groups at a time that don’t ordinary conflict with each other (like Legs/Chest, Back/Tris, etc.) and I superset each exercise from the first muscle group with an exercise from the second muscle group.  So basically I never stop in between sets.  I just go back and forth between two exercises for about 3-5 sets, then take a short break, then hit the next superset.  My workouts last about 1 hour and I’m usually drenched in sweat, gasping for air, and wobbling out of the gym when I leave.

If you’re familiar with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), this is essentially the same thing, just with a focus on weight lifting instead of some other sort of high intensity exercise like sprinting.  Research indicates unanimously that, regardless of the type of exercise, the higher the intensity, the more fat you’re going to burn.

High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT),which is the technical term for the style of lifting I just described, burns far more calories than just about any other type of exercise you could be doing, in the shortest amount of time.

This makes it a must for anyone looking to lose fat quickly.  Get off the treadmill and LIFT!


Now, when it comes to fitness, nutrition and exericse are the most important factors.  There’s no denying that.  But anyone who says that supplements aren’t necessary to maximize results is confused.  Supplements may not be “necessary” to general health and wellbeing, but if you’re goal is to MAXIMIZE RESULTS (in this case burn as much fat as quickly as possible), you’re hindering your progress by not using some supplements.  The important thing is to not fall for the BS marketing hype that most supplements companies throw at you and instead select the right supplements that will actually help you.

The truth is there are safe, effective supplements out there that can maximize your fat-loss efforts and ultimately allow you to lose fat in a shorter amount of time.  You still need to exercise and eat smart, but rest assured, supplements can help.  Let’s talk about what I took during my 30 Day Shred.

Momentum Nutrition Formula 56

Formula 56 is a fat-burner that I formulated myself.  It’s basic function is to increase your Metabolic Rate (the amount of calories you burn at rest) and increase energy, focus, and general cognitive function.  Every ingredient in it is backed by scientific research and is dosed to precise clinical standards.  Formula 56 also makes use of some unique synergies among ingredients (you can read more them here) which amplifies the overall result.


Rauwolscine is a potent stimulant that functions as an alpha-receptor antagonist.  Alpha-receptors are a type of fat cell receptor that regulates Lipolysis, the breakdown of fat.  Beta-receptors are the other receptors involved in the regulation of Lipolysis.

Simply stated, beta-receptors trigger Lipolysis and alpha-receptors stop it.

This is how our bodies burn fat without burning too much fat and it was probably quite a useful regulatory system throughout most of human evolution.  But that was then and this is now, right?  If the goal is to burn as much fat as possible, you want to shut your Alpha-receptors down as much as possible.

That’s where Rauwolscine comes in.  By antagonizing (blocking) alpha-receptors, Lipolysis is able to continue and you’re body is able to burn more fat during exercise than would otherwise be possible.

Making Sense Of It All

Sorry if this article is a little much to take in.  It may seem fairly complicated, but only because I went into depth about each area.  If we take a step back and sum it all up, the steps I took were:

  • Put myself in a slight caloric deficit
  • Ate a high protein diet
  • Trained super hard 5-6 days a week
  • Took supplements that actually work
  • Wrote it all down so you can do it too

That last point is the most important point.  Anybody can do this.  It’s not that hard!  I cut a noticeable amount of body fat in just 30 days.  Imagine what you could do in 90 days, 1 year, 5 years!

Any questions?  Comment below…