The Shredded Gains Stack Explained

Shredded Gains Stack Explained

The Shredded Gains Stack consists of Formula 56, Rauwolscine, and Amino Beyond.  Another way to look at it would be our Fat-Torcher Stack with the addition of Amino Beyond.  It’s intended specifically for those who want to get rid of fat as quickly as possible, but without sacrificing gains.  If you’re dieting for weight-loss and you’re not taking measures to preserve muscle, you’re probably losing it.

But, before we talk about gains and how to keep them, let’s talk about fat and how to lose it.

Formula 56 + Rauwolscine: The Winning Combination

Formula 56 and Rauwolscine, also known as The Fat-Torcher Stack, is undeniably the most effective fat-loss stack that’s still safe.  Formula 56 provides clinical doses of several research-backed ingredients that can collectively increase lipolysis and your Metabolic Rate.  Rauwolscine functions in a synergistic manner with many of the ingredients in Formula 56 (like Synephrine) by allowing lipolysis to continue when it would normally be suppressed.

There is no magic pill that will automatically make you lose fat, but the combination of Formula 56 and Rauwolscine will significantly increase the amount of fat your body burns during exercise.  When used in conjunction with a regular exercise program and a responsible diet, The Fat Torcher Stack WILL help you achieve your fat-loss goals quickly and safely.

Now, back to that thing about keeping your gains…

The Truth About Fat-Loss And Muscle

If you’re a beginner to working out, it is entirely possible (and actually likely) that you’ll build muscle and get stronger while losing fat at the same time.  This is simply because your body isn’t used to this type of physical activity and will rapidly adapt.

Once you’ve been lifting for a while (a year or more), and your physique undergoes a set of initial transformations, it becomes much harder to burn fat while building muscle.  Instead, most people who want to get bigger but also get leaner go through a series of phases: bulking and cutting.

You may have heard some guy at the gym say something like “bro, I’m cutting this month.” or “bro, I’m on a serious cut right now!”  They just meant they were putting themselves in a caloric deficit in order to lose weight.

Research more or less agrees with the notion that it’s extremely difficult to burn fat while simultaneously building muscle (without drugs). But nothing’s impossible, and while may be difficult to build muscle while cutting fat, it’s certainly not that difficult to preserve muscle while cutting fat.  The Shredded Gains Stack can help you go about it the right way.


You’re in a caloric deficit when you are consuming less calories than you’re burning.  The easiest way to put yourself into a slight caloric deficit is to keep tabs on what you’re eating and how much you weigh from day to day or week to week, then adjust your calorie intake downward a little.

If you eat say 2500 calories a day and you weigh about the same every day and every week, then cutting to 2250 calories a day would put you in a 10% caloric deficit.  This is more than manageable for most people.  20% is where you may start to really notice the lack of food and 30% is where you’re going to run into problems like muscle loss, lack of energy, irritability, etc.


The best thing you can do for your muscles when you’re cutting calories, is up your protein intake relative to carbs and fat.  You see, weight-loss poils down to calories in vs calories out, so it’s entirely possible to cut your total calories while upping your total protein intake.  You just have to do some rearranging with your macros.  Since protein and carbs have the same amount of calories (4) per gram, you can simple dial back your carbs and increase your protein.

So, using our original 2500 calories/day model, let’s say you cut your total calorie intake back by 20% or 500 calories, but then added back 250 calories of just protein, day.  That would be an additional 62.5g (4 calories per gram) of protein per day, while keeping you in a 10% caloric deficit.

Say you consume 2500 calories a day, 50% of which  is carbs, 30% of which is protein, and 20% of which is fat.  In terms of calories that would be:

  • Carbs: 1250
  • Protein: 750
  • Fat: 500

Now, say let’s say you want to dial back your total caloric intake by 10% or 250 calories per day while maintaining a favorable environment for muscle growth.

The best way to do this would be to subtract 500 calories from your combined Carb and Fat intake, then add back half of those calories just in protein.  This would leave you in a 10% deficit, but now with a much higher protein intake.

Our new macronutrients breakdown would look something like this:

  • Carbs:  850
  • Protein: 1000
  • Fat: 400

If you’re a 200 pound man who works out 4-5 days a week, 250g of Protein (1000 calories) is enough to preserve muscle, even in a slight caloric deficit.  The more severe the defecit, the more your protein requirements increase.

Amino Beyond: Muscle Preservation And Performance

Once you’ve put yourself in a caloric deficit and adjusted your diet to support the goal of keeping your gains (i.e. more protein), there are some supplements that are also worth taking.

The most important single supplement ingredient you can use to maintain/build muscle while in a caloric deficit is Leucine.  Leucine can be found in various sources of complete protein, especially Whey Protein, and is the most powerful amino acid when it comes to stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Research has proven Leucine to be quite useful for preserving muscle in situations where dietary protein intake is compromised.  If you’re interested in learning more about Leucine and how it may be useful to you, check out this article:

Leucine: The Most Important Amino Acid For Building Muscle

When we formulated Amino Beyond, we made sure it contained a clinical dose of Leucine to preserve muscle.  It also contains several other performance/recovery enhancing ingredients that will give you the muscle-preserving edge during your cut, as well as improved performance in the gym and recovery from exercise, two things that are usually compromised by a reduced calorie diet.

The Bottom Line On Fat-Loss

It’s not impossible to cut fat while building muscle, but it is pretty hard to do.  The best way to go about building a lean, muscular physique is to put yourself in a caloric deficit, dial up your protein intake to support muscle preservation/growth, and use the right supplements (at the right doses).

Questions? Comments? Experiences?  Let us know in the comments below!