How Your Body Burns Fat And How To Make It Burn More

how your body burns fat

There is a ton of false information out there about how best to burn fat and lose weight.  It seems like every other week there’s a hot new diet or workout that’s supposed to torch fat. But when you step back and take the time to understand why and how your body burns fat, losing fat becomes pretty simple.

There’s no need to adhere to some strange diet or perform uncomfortable exercises just to get rid of stubborn fat.  All you need to do is come to an understanding about how your body burns fat. After that, there are a few things you can do to optimize this process and ultimately burn all the fat you want.


Lipolysis means “fat-breakdown”.  It is the process by which Triglycerides (stored fat) are broken down into their individual components, Fatty Acids and Glycerol.  When Fatty Acids are liberated from fat cells, they are released into the blood and then sent to the mitochondria of muscle cells where they can be burned for energy through the process of beta-oxidation.

Research confirms that increasing Lipolysis typically results in a corresponding increase in beta-oxidation. In other words, if you increase Lipolysis, you’ll naturally burn more fat.


Fat is simply energy that the body is saving.  From an evolutionary standpoint, fat kept us alive during tough times.  For this to be the case, our body’s had to evolve a way to regulate the process of fat-burning.  That is, some way of knowing when to burn fat and when to stop burning fat.  This process is regulated by two major types of receptors, beta receptors and alpha receptors.


When activated, Beta-Receptors signal the body to breakdown fat. Synephrine is an effective agonist (activator) of these receptors and can increase Lipolysis directly.


When activated, Alpha-Receptors signal the body to stop breaking down fat. Rauwolscine is an effective antagonist (blocker) of these receptors and can indirectly allow the body to burn more fat than would otherwise be possible.

By tweaking how beta-receptors and alpha-receptors function (activating beta-receptors/blocking alpha receptors) through simple supplementation, you can significantly maximize your fat-loss efforts.

Catecholamines And Lipolysis

Catecholamines are released by the body in response to exercise and they have inherent fat-burning properties.  Noradrenaline, in particular, is a potent inducer of lipolysis so maximizing its release during exercise will increase the amount of fat you burn.

Exercise naturally releases Noradrenaline.  It’s primarily responsible for that “in the zone” feeling you get from time to time, but certain ways of exercise encourage more Noradrenaline release than others…

How To EXERCISE For Maximum Fat-Loss

If you’re serious about cutting fat, there are a few ways you can alter your workouts to facilitate fat-loss.  All else remaining equal, the higher the intensity, the more fat you’ll burn and this is partially because you’re releasing more Noradrenaline.

cardio: Up The Intensity, shorten your sessions

Research shows that as exercise intensity increases, more glycogen is used for energy, relative to fat.  For this reason, many so-called “experts” claim that low-intensity cardio is the best way to burn fat.  And thus, we have all those people in the gym walking 5 miles an hour on the treadmill for 2 hours, day after day, wasting away while thinking they’re getting somewhere.

The truth is that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will burn more fat than low intensity cardio.  Several studies have proven this.  In one of the more notable studies, conducted at the University of Western Ontario, researchers found that 4-6 30 second sprints 3 times a week for 6 weeks burned more fat than 30-60 minutes of walking on a treadmill at an incline each day.

Results like this probably make you wonder why you ever thought walking on the treadmill (or even jogging for that matter) was worth it, but hopefully now you realize it isn’t.  There’s no doubt about it.  The best type of cardio to burn fat quickly is some form of High Intensity Interval Training.

That said, if you’re only doing cardio, you’re missing the most important piece of the fat-loss puzzle…

weight lifting: the most effective way to burn fat

On average, weight-lifting burns far more calories than other types of exercise you might do, especially if you up the intensity of your workouts.  Aside from the fact that you burn more calories in a given amount of time, lifting weights also triggers the release of Catecholamines.

Weight-lifting releases more Catecholamines than just about every other type of workout you might do, so if you’re trying to burn fat, you should be lifting weights as often as possible.

Timing Of Your Workouts (Fasted Vs. Non-Fasted)

If you’ve read my other articles on MN Prime, you’re aware of how I feel about fasted training.  I love it.  If you want to burn as much as possible, you should train fasted too…

The  body is considered to be in a fasted state when you haven’t eaten in several hours and your Insulin levels are at baseline.  This is the time when your body will naturally be burning the most fat, as opposed to carbohydrates, for energy.

How Insulin Affects Fat-Loss

When you consume carbs and protein, Insulin is secreted to help send those nutrients where they need to go (some to muscle tissue, some to fat tissue).  Insulin functions as a metabolic switch, telling the body to stop burning fat for energy and instead burn carbs.  The more Insulin secreted (depends on amount of food consumed), the less fat is burned.

So, if burning fat is the goal, you should try to train fasted at least some of the time.  You don’t have to do it every day, but even just a couple fasted sessions a week can help you get rid of that stubborn fat.

preserving muscle in a fasted state

A lot of people hate on fasted training because muscle breakdown is increased when you train fasted.  This is simply because your body begins harvesting amino acids from muscle tissue at an accelerated rate when it doesn’t have carbs available for energy.  It’s a survival mechanism leftover from the days when we were running around the jungle hunting or being hunted.

So, while this is absolutely true that muscle can be lost during fasted training, it’s also something that can be easily circumvented with Leucine supplementation.  Leucine minimizes muscle breakdown without spiking Insulin levels too much, thus preserving the fat-loss benefits of fasted training.

In fact, we formulated Amino Beyond specifically to combat the negatives of Fasted Training while preserving the benefits.  If you train fasted, there is not better supplement suited for you.

Supplements That Increase Lipolysis

Many people are confused about how “fat-burners” actually work.  The truth is, most don’t work at all because they’re either under-dosed or just contain ineffective ingredients.  There is no supplement out there that’s just going to make you burn a ton of fat magically without you doing anything.  However, there are absolutely some supplements that can effectively increase lipolysis, effectively increasing the amount of fat you burn when you exercise.

Synephrine – directly stimulates Lipolysis and boosts the Metabolic Rate by agonizing (activating) beta-receptors.  Technically, Synephrine can burn additional calories without you doing anything, but you need to exercise if you want to see noticeable fat-loss in a short amount of time.

Rauwolscine – Rauwolscine functions as the inverse of Synephrine.  It does not directly stimulate lipolysis, but instead blocks the receptor that usually turns Lipolysis off, alpha-receptors.  In other words, Rauwolscine allows you to burn more fat than you otherwise normally would.

Caffeine – Caffeine triggers the release of Catecholamines, especially Noradrenaline, which directly stimulates lipolysis.

Higenamine – Higenamine is similar to Synephrine in terms of mechanim as well as safety profile.  Like Synephrine, it functions as a beta-receptor agonist which directly increases Lipolysis and increases the metabolic rate.

Ideally, you’ll want to combine these ingredients because the mechanism of each complements that of the others.  Caffeine is reliable and therefore worth incorporating in any fat-loss stack because it can stimulate Lipolysis.  Unfortunately,  because Caffeine tolerance tends to build up in most individuals, Caffeine alone won’t get the job done.

Synephrine and Higenamine also stimulate Lipolysis while Rauwolscine allows Lipolysis to occur longer than it otherwise would.  The combination is EXTREMELY effective for inducing fat-loss in a short period of time.

That’s exactly why we created…

THE Fat-Loss TriFecta Stack

Rauwolscine Higenamine Synephrine


Maximizing Your Fat-Loss Efforts

Fat-loss isn’t as complicated as some so-called “experts” want you to think.  The reality is research has identified several mechanisms that contribute to fat-loss, so the blueprint to getting lean and staying lean is there for anyone interesting in taking the time to understand it.  You don’t need to do hours of cardio or go on some strange.  Just structure your workouts to burn more fat, supplement smart, and you’ll achieve any fat-loss goal you set.