Why “For Her” Supplements Are Basically A Huge Scam

For Her Supplements Scam

If you take supplements regularly, you’ve probably seen them.  Pink or purple container. Shiny lettering.  A fit woman on the package implying you’ll look like her if you use the product.  Yeah… those are supplements targeted toward women, or “For Her” supplements.

Supplements targeted toward women have exploded in popularity in recent years.  This is of course directly related to the fitness trend that’s going on and the fact that more and more women are starting to lift weights.

The truth is that this is just another way for supplement companies to shove more money in their greedy pockets at the expense of of the consumer, in this case women.

Unfortunately, where there’s a trend, there’s always a bunch of greedy people trying to capitalize off that trend, and this trend is no exception.  The recent boom in supplements targeted towards women is proof that greed is still very alive and well in the supplement industry and ethics are being ignored.

How “For Her” Supplements Started

Like most great marketing breakthroughs, the idea for “For Her” Supplements came out of desperation, not innovation.

It probably went something like this:

One dark and stormy night, an over-worked, stressed out supplement company CEO was sitting at his desk brainstorming ways he could make more money by exploiting gaps in the average consumer’s knowledge about supplements, when BAM! It hit him!

“What if we made exactly the same formulas we make already, but with less of each ingredient, and we just say they’re meant for women!  It’s brilliant!”


The whole notion that supplements should be segmented by gender lacks any scientific credibility.  So, what is it that appeals to customers?

Well, we all like to feel special, right?  The idea that a product is specifically suited to your personal needs is comforting.  It makes you feel like it’s more likely to work for you.

But the sad truth is that it’s nothing more than a bit of marketing psychology.  Marketers across all industries have been segmenting populations for years and rolling out variations of products targeted at a specific segment of the population.

Segmenting by gender may make sense with products like clothes, shoes, or jewelry, but when it comes to supplements it’s just a way to rip off customers and put more money in the pockets of supplement companies.

They’re Almost always under-dosed

If you take a company that sells a pre-workout for women and a pre-workout for men, what you’ll find is that the women’s formula is usually just the same as the men’s formula, but with less of each ingredient.  The reasoning behind it?  Women weigh less.

Well, this is perhaps the most absurd notion I’ve heard since somebody tried to tell me that Proprietary Blends were necessary to stay ahead of competition.  HAHA!

Doesn’t Body weight Matter Though?

Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.  With stimulants like Caffeine, body weight doesn’t have much to do with it.  The heaviest-set individual could be extremely sensitive while a small female might be extremely tolerant.

When it comes to ingredients that are absorbed over time (like Creatine, Beta-Alanine, etc.) the bigger the individual, the more they will need.  So women may require less Creatine (for example) than men, but is that a reason to pay more for less?  No!  Just buy the regular Creatine and it’ll last you longer.


The obvious one would be anything that impacts hormones (i.e. Testosterone and Estrogen).  In reality, very few “testosterone-boosting” supplements actually have an impact on Testosterone levels, so most of them are actually safe for women to take.  Still, caution should be exercised anytime you’re taking a supplement that claims to alter your hormones.

The Bottom Line On Supplements For Women

If you workout, and you want to enhance your training, there are definitely supplements that can help, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or man.  We’re all human and most of the supplements that one might take to get stronger, recover faster, burn fat, etc. are the same.

Somewhere along the line supplement companies realized they could capitalize off fact that more women are lifting weights these days and many of them are confused about which supplements to take, but this is nothing more than a marketing angle.  A way of getting women to fork over their hard earned cash for an under-dosed product.

Ladies, don’t worry!  Momentum Nutrition supplements are 100% non-gender-biased and contain only clinically effective levels of key ingredients, scientifically proven to work in humans (not just men, not just women, HUMANS!).  But seriously, even if you don’t buy our supplements, please don’t fall for this “For Her” supplement nonsense.  Go with clinically-dosed, research-backed ingredients and settle for nothing less!