Why We Don’t Use Proprietary Blends

Proprietary Blends

If you’ve gone into a supplement store and looked at product labels, you’ve probably seen them. The use of “Proprietary Blends”, as they’re called, is quite possibly the most unethical, widespread practice currently going on in the supplement industry…

What Are Proprietary Blends?

The term “Proprietary Blend” is about as old as the supplement industry itself.  It refers to the practice of grouping multiple ingredients together and stating their total combined weight, rather than the weight of each individual ingredient.  In recent years, a gradual trend towards more transparent labeling practices has started to emerge but, in all honesty, most companies out there still choose to use proprietary blends.

Below is an example of a proprietary blend that may be familar to some pre-workout users…Can you tell how much Creatine is present in this formula?

Didn’t think so…It would be near impossible to accurately estimate the levels of any of these ingredients since the only clue we’re given is that they all add up to 4145mg.

Why would any company CHOOSE to do this?!

If you contact the company behind any proprietary blend-bearing supplement, they will likely try to tell you that they conceal the levels of those ingredients so that competitors can’t mimic their formula…Okay well that’s a legitimate reason, right?


Here’s the thing…Scientific research (like the research pertaining to any one ingredient) is FREELY SHARED and most of it can be accessed for free on the internet.  In fact, the free sharing of scientific research is what forms that basis for all future scientific breakthroughs and discoveries.  If not, it would be every scientist for himself/herself.

Since the dawn of the internet, that research is available not just to scientists, but to ANYONE who has a computer.  Ever heard of Google Scholar?  Type “Beta-Alanine”, hit Enter, and you’ll have dozens of studies to choose from.  Since all this research is available at the click of a button, what constitutes an effective dose of any given ingredient is NO SECRET.

Dosing is as important as the ingredients themselves!

A product can’t be considered effective just because it contains the right ingredients.  It must contain EFFECTIVE DOSES of those ingredients!

Heres a quick hypothetical scenario to illustrate our point:

Say you’re pre-workout contains a proprietary blend weighing 2 grams.  Now say that this particular proprietary blend consists of Creatine, Beta-Alanine, and Citrulline Malate.  Since all three of these ingredients have been extensively studied, we know that the effective ranges are as follows.

Creatine: 3-5g/day

Beta-Alanine: 3-6g/day

Citrulline Malate: 6-8g/day

So immediately we see that this proprietary blend cannot possibly contain an effective dose of Creatine, let alone any of the ingredients listed after it.  It would take 4-5 servings of this particular formula just to acheive mildly effective doses of the ingredients that make it up and even then we still couldn’t be certain.

Of course this example is rather cut and dry.  It is not always so easy to determine whether a proprietary blend contains effective doses of each individual ingredient and that is exactly what companies who utilize proprietary blends are counting on: YOU not being able to tell.

We Have Nothing To Hide

It’s really that simple.  At Momentum Nutrition, we want you to know exactly what your getting because what you’re getting is effective ingredients at effective doses, and nothing less.  Below is the label of Catalyst which, we’re proud to say, lists the levels of every individual ingredient clear as day, so there can be no confusion.

Momentum Nutrition Catalyst
Ah…isn’t life a little easier when you don’t have to guess whether you’re pre-workout is effective or not?

Any brand that conceals the doses of key ingredients clearly doesn’t want you to know what you’re getting.  Why?  Well, the only logical reason is that you’re not getting effective doses of at least some of the ingredients.  Afterall, if your product contained effective doses of all ingredients, wouldn’t you want potential customers to know?

Avoid Proprietary Blends!

The only way to completely ensure that you are getting effective doses of each ingredient is to avoid companies/products that use proprietary blends.  At Momentum Nutrition, we do not claim to be the only company out there disclosing the levels of all ingredients, but we feel our brand embodies several principles that are generally lacking in the supplement industry, and transparency is DEFINITELY one of them.

To learn more about the ingredients (and doses of those ingredients) in Catalyst, visit our Ingredients section.  We not only provide the background/justification behind each ingredient in our formula, but also a complete list references (with links), allowing you to quickly verify that what we’re telling you is true.


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